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Web Design & Hosting

Graphic Design

Media Content Design

Integrated Systems

I.T. Troubleshooting

Electronic Design & Build

Audio & Visual (VFX)

Video & Photography

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Welcome to Krell Freelance Technology. This small company was created to help and assist other companies, as well as the Home & Office environment. Our services include Web design, Graphic design,  I.T. Troubleshooting, Digital Media and Electronic products. These services are at hand, to help your company resolve issues when they pop-up. It doesn't matter how small your issue or project may be.


Web Design

  • 28+ years in the Web environment
  • Web design from scratch, or client input
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Hosting (hosted on our rapid backbone servers)
  • WordPress (CMS), HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Boilerplate, J-Query
  • Java, PHP, XML
  • Adobe Flash (still being used)
  • Rich Media technologies
  • View examples: Portfolio


Graphic Design

  • 20+ years in graphics
  • Company Logos, Business Cards
  • Flyers, Banners
  • T-shirts, Mugs
  • Company Stationary



I.T. Troubleshooting

  • 30+ years in the I.T. environment
  • I.T. Consulting, classic PC design & build, health status, repair, after sales
  • Office applications (Microsoft, Adobe, Filemaker, AutoDesk, Sony, Maxon)
  • Anti-virus, Smart Security (ESET, AVG, Comodo: Firewall, SPAM, Malware)
  • Streaming: Audio & video content (PC & Web based)
  • Internet Broadcasting: Audio & video (OBS, YouTube, Facebook)
  • and more ......


Digital Media



  • Audio & Visual HD/SD (High def/Standard def) content, creation & editing
  • Video conversion, editing, transcoding & compression solutions
  • GUI touch-screen panels (interactive), product Information displays
  • Audio & video: Retail market 'Big Screen', foyer signage, kiosks & booths
  • Macro & Micro videography
  • Video shoots: family, events, pets, products


Visual FX:

  • 'Green-screen'
  • Compositing
  • Camera tracking & stability
  • Motion graphics
  • View examples: Visual FX


  • Photo restoration
  • HDR
  • Macro & Micro photography
  • Photo shoots: family, events, pets, products


View examples: Photoshop & Photography





  • 40+ years experience in electronics
  • Repair of electronic devices
  • Bespoke electronic prototyping design & build
  • Audio sound systems
  • Micro Computers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)



More detailed information can be found throughout this site.

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Web Design


Graphic Design

Digital Media: VFX

Digital Media: Retail

Digital Media: Photography

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