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Welcome to Simply Serene


Welcome to Simply Serene. I am Katherine Davis, a holistic therapist based in Fleet, Hampshire. I offer mobile Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments as well as having a dedicated therapy room in my own home.


• Mobile Treatments - Clients can enjoy safe, relaxing, holistic treatments in the comfort of their own home.  Perfect if you have mobility, childcare or time constraints. Receiving treatments in your own home gives you the benefit of being able to fully relax during a treatment without having to worry about getting yourself home afterwards. If outside of Fleet I do charge a small fee to cover travel expenses.


• Alternatively you can come to me – I have a dedicated therapy room in my home. It provides a quiet, calming space where there are no distractions so you can relax and get the most from your treatment. There is off road parking and it is easy to find, just off of Kings Road.


• I regularly attend well-being events where I offer shorter ‘taster’ sessions. These are ideal for trying out different treatments to find which ones suit you. If you wish to know if I am attending a specific event then please email me.


Whatever the situation I can adapt treatment lengths and methods to meet your individual requirements so that you receive the best possible therapy session for you.


To arrange an appointment or if you have any queries, please email me

Whether you’re looking for treatment for a specific ailment or you just want some time to relax and unwind, I look forward to helping you heal and rebalance.



Indian Head Massage




Reiki is an ancient energy-healing technique. It uses light touch to enable the transfer and movement of energy, encouraging the body and mind to heal themselves. Reiki originated in Japan and comes from 2 words; ‘Rei’ meaning ‘higher power’ and ‘Ki’ which means ‘life force energy’. Reiki works with chakras and energy fields in order to help the mind and body to rebalance and enable energy (Ki) to flow freely through the body. If a person’s ‘life-force energy’ is low (unable to flow freely) they are more likely to be ill and more susceptible to stress. When their life-force energy is high a person will be more capable of being happy and healthy.


The treatment involves the therapist lightly placing their hands onto or over specific areas of the client’s body. Reiki treatments are given to a fully-clothed client lying on a massage couch; It can also be given in a seated position (please request this when booking the appointment). Reiki is an extremely relaxing therapy and is especially beneficial in helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Reiki encourages the body to heal itself and so is also an ideal therapy for helping to treat more specific ailments such as joint problems, muscle injuries, digestive disorders etc.



Indian head massage is a holistic therapy that involves gentle massage of the upper body and head area. It stimulates blood and energy flow and eases muscle tension. Head massage is a big part of Indian culture and is traditionally passed down through families; it is commonly seen on streets and beaches throughout the country.


Indian head massage is a relaxing therapy that is especially good for relieving muscle tension in the upper body. For this reason it is extremely popular with office workers as a way of relaxing and relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, head and eyes. An Indian head massage treatment involves the massage of the shoulders, upper back, neck, arms, scalp and face. It is given to a fully clothed client in a seated position. Comfortable clothing should be worn (massage is given through the material and so a plain cotton tee-shirt is ideal) and makeup and neck, head and face jewellery will need to be removed.



Reflexology is the massage and stimulation of specific areas on the feet. It is based on the idea that all parts of the body can be ‘mapped-out’ on the feet; the corresponding points on the feet are known as reflexes. Applying pressure to these reflexes can promote health in the corresponding areas as well as bringing about a deep state of relaxation and stimulating the body’s own healing process. Forms of reflexology and foot massage have been recorded for centuries in China, Egypt and Japan and these ancient techniques have evolved to give us reflexology as we know it today.


Reflexology is a safe, relaxing and very popular holistic therapy. It has been shown to be effective in helping to treat endless health problems and is rarely an unsuitable treatment. As well as being relaxing and helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels, reflexology helps to clear blockages of energy and speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body, therefore helping the body to detoxify and rebalance.

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